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Frequently asked questions

We have a few, but we are world famous for our flexibility.

We hire what you want, in any configuration (within reason). If you want one battery, we will hire you one battery.
For incoming international crews - we can hire you stand alone battery kits.

Office Hours
Our phones / email are monitored 24/7. We dont mind afterhours or late gear requests. Call-out fee may apply.

New Zealand Government 'Goods & Services Tax' (GST) of 15% is charged to all hirers of equipment, including overseas production companies shooting within New Zealand.

Half Days
Half-Day rates are available on all equipment. The half-day rate is 70% of the day rate. A half-day duration is 5 hours. The clock starts at 'time-out' & stops at 'time-in'. A half-day is either am or pm - not both.

Travel Days
If shooting out of town, we will charge a half-day for each travel day - but of course, we can be flexible, depending upon the nature & duration of the shoot. International travel days are negotiable.

You can take our equipment to almost any country in the world. An insurance premium applies (10%) of total charge. Insurance is void in some countries, such as Iraq & Afganistan.

Pre-Rig Days
A pre-rig day will be charged at the half-day rate, providing that somebody else has not requested the same equipment. But we can be negotiable, depending upon the nature of the pre-rig.

Wet Weather Holds
We will hold equipment for 'wet weather cover'. However, if somebody else requests the same equipment for your hold days, we will give you the option of releasing the weather hold or paying the normal day rate to continue to secure the equipment

Cancellation Fee
If we have lost another booking as a result of a late cancellation, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. Depending upon the circumstances the fee will be between 75-100% of the original charge. A cancellation fee may also apply to Niche pre-production work, if any has taken place

Pickup, Freight, Courier, Delivery
If picking up equipment from our premises, please arrive at the scheduled time, or ring to inform us that you may be late. We can freight or courier equipment around Auckland, New Zealand or around the world, to approved customers. Freight or courier costs will be charged to you. Rates vary depending upon your location.

Overnight Gear Storage
We have a dedicated 24/7 night box facility. Easy access, alarmed, trolleys.

Credit Account
Download the 'Credit Application Form' in PDF, or download the Word version. We reserve the right to refuse credit.

The equipment you hire from Niche is automatically covered in New Zealand & most of the world.
- The insurance cover provided includes 'Accidental Damage' / 'Material Loss of Equipment' & 'Consequential Loss'.
- New Zealand insurance cover incurs a 10% extra charge of the published or quoted hire rates.
- Equipment for international shoots incurs a 10% extra charge, of the published or quoted hire rates.
- A 'NZ$2000.00 Insurance Excess' applies to all claims.

Your Responsibility in the Event of a Claim
- The hirer must make an immediate report to police in the case of theft or burglary. Niche will require a copy of the police report.
- The hirer will be required to be interviewed by an 'insurance claim investigator'.

Void Insurance
Insurance cover does not apply when equipment is taken into any of the following areas or situations:
- War zones, Political unrest zones, Natural disaster zones or any Hazardous zones.
- Exposure to water / sand risks, without an appropriate housing (specific to the equipment in use)to withstand water or sand damage.
- Adventure activities such as rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, parachuting, skiing, motor racing and the like where the equipment is part of the activity.
- Use of equipment on boats or any other form of transport inappropriate for weather conditions.
- Exposure of the equipment to any unusual hazard that you may become aware of during the shoot.

Please note that we do not allow our equipment to be used in any of the above situations, and if it is, the insurance cover will be void and you will be deemed the insurer and become liable for the cost of any and all damage, repairs and consequential loss claims.
NOTE: Equipment can be transported in aircraft and helicopters, in appropriate weather conditions, and can be used in aircraft and helicopters with appropriate approved safety attachments.

Niche Insurer
Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Ltd,
Level 4, Crombie Lockwood Centre, 100 Beaumont Street.
PO Box 68 910, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141
P: +64 9 623 9900 F: +64 9 623 9901
Contact: Sharlene McDonald

Your Own Insurance
You or your associated production company can provide your own insurance cover. This cover must include 'Accidental & Material Loss' or 'Damage and Consequential Loss'. Your cover must be approved by Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Ltd. Niche will require an approval letter from Crombie Lockwood (NZ).
This entire process is the hirer's responsibility, and must occur before the equipment is released.

Travel Cases
All cameras travel in aluminum roadcases. Some ancillary equipment travels in Pelican cases. Tripods travel in Ronford or Sachtler tube cases.

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